The Anti-Strategy Baccarat Strategy

New baccarat enthusiasts may find it strange when more seasoned players tell them that there is no such thing as a baccarat strategy. That, generally, is a true statement of fact with regard to this game. It is no hidden fact that the game of baccarat can be classified along with roulette and slots. The said casino games are those of pure chance. Nothing that a player does has an effect on the next outcome.

Given that fact, it is indeed strange to see proliferation of baccarat strategies and baccarat systems being sold. Some of these baccarat systems even have the tenacity to assure its would be buyers that the said system is fool proof. The guarantee seems believable; however, if you put it to practice the results will be dismal.

What we have below is something that we can call an anti-strategy baccarat strategy. This simply means that one of the best strategies we can ever implement in a game of pure chance, like baccarat, is to avoid false assumptions about baccarat and its related strategies. By avoiding pitfalls that others make you are sure you have a better game than they do.

The first part of this anti-strategy baccarat strategy is never to do pattern spotting. Those little cards that a casino gives out to baccarat players are quite hard to miss. You'll often find players tracking how many times a hand or a betting option in baccarat wins. They are looking for a winning pattern in the current shoe.

We may call this a myth in the game simply because a randomly shuffled eight-deck shoe will not exactly exhibit the same pattern every time. Another thing we all should note of is that no matter what pattern comes up, you can neither influence it or can you exactly guess what that pattern is.

The next part of our anti-strategy baccarat strategy is to avoid card counting. Card counting works very well in games like blackjack. However, since baccarat has a totally different set of rules, card counting has very little effect even almost none at all when used in this game. Card counters will at one time or another find out that their skill is of very little use in baccarat.

The last part of our baccarat strategy is to avoid using the Martingale System. Basically what this system does is that it makes you double your bet size each time you lose in the hope that when you win you will have recovered all you have lost previously and then have some winnings as well.

This baccarat strategy ignores a certain fact however. And that is your odds in baccarat remain constant thus you are never assured that you will win on your nth round. This is only further proof that the more you avoid these said pitfalls the better your game will be in baccarat.

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