Baccarat Odds: Player's Mathematical Probability of Winning

Baccarat odds refer to a player's chances of winning versus losing in the game. Because of the game's low house edge, baccarat odds are considered one of the best in gambling. Playing baccarat is fairly easy. There are only three betting options, and you have only to choose one. Each hand in the game is played out following a fixed set of rules.

Baccarat rules have been created to make a minimal yet measurable edge for the House on both Player and Banker bets, and a high edge on Tie bets. The house edge on Player bet is only 1.36%, while on Banker bet, it's an even lower 1.06% making baccarat odds largely favorable to many players. This is so despite the fact that Tie bets have a house edge of 14.4%. Tie bet, however, has a catch---it pays 9 times more than payoff for Player and Banker bets.

Baccarat odds for a Player hand to win are 44.62%. The chances that the Player hand will lose is 45.85%. The probability of Player hand and Banker hand tie is a small 9.53%. If you disregard the chances of getting a Tie, then Banker hand even has approximately 51% win odds all the time. This translates then that the House edge is even smaller than 2%. With baccarat odds of mere 1.4%, there's no doubt why this game is favored by many players including the high rollers. The reason why baccarat odds seem to have been constructed for the bettor is that the house earns directly from commissions. A win on Banker hand pays 5% commission to the house.

Understandably also, baccarat odds of Banker hand are the best for the punters even with the 5% commission on a win, while Tie bet is the worst despite its 9:1 payout.

Some players track the win/loss of Player and Banker hands, trying to establish or find a trend. The reality is, baccarat is a game of chance so predicting a future income is just absurd and won't work in the game. Card counting also is not very effective in baccarat than in other card games like blackjack.

The only really effective strategy to win in the game is to bet on either Banker or Player bet and avoid Tie bet. Baccarat odds on Baker and Player bets are favorable to punters because the house edge is very low on both. In this game, you even have more than 50% of winning on Banker bet all the time!

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