A Simple Glossary of Baccarat Terms

A lot of the terms used in the game of baccarat are actually French, Italian, and Spanish. We should expect such terms to be used in the game since baccarat is believed to have Italian and French origins. Of course, baccarat also uses some general terms that are also used in other games found in a casino. We've compiled these words below into a simple glossary in layman's terms.

Our first term in this little layman's glossary is "action". In baccarat the term action refers to the money a player would stake or wager in a game.

Our next term is "baccarat", which is the name of the game. This term has Italian origins and it means zero.

Baccara is our next glossary term and is also Italian. This is another term for the word baccarat.

Banco is our next glossary term and is Spanish for banker. This refers to the person who deals from the shoe. It would be any of the players or the dealer who takes on this role. In some versions of the game the player will be the one who finances the action while in other versions the casino bears the cost.

Banker means the same as banco.

Bankroll is a general casino gambling expression that is also used in baccarat. So in baccarat glossary this would also refer to the amount of money a player is gambling with.

Banque is a version of baccarat that is commonly found in American casinos.

Burn card is the card removed from the deck the cards are shuffled.

Chemin de Fer is the French version of the game.

Coup is our next glossary term, which refers to a gaming round in baccarat.

Croupier is French, which essentially means the dealer. In American baccarat, the croupier is the one in control of the events in a game.

The "dealers" in American baccarat are the two casino employees who collect the losers' wagers and payoff the winners.

Ladderman is our next glossary term, which refers to the casino employee on the high chair who looks over the table.

Le Grande is a French term, which means "natural" or a hand that has a total of nine.

Punto is both Italian and Spanish that translates to point. This refers to the player bet.

Our next glossary term is standoff, which means tie.

Upcards, our last term, is a general term used in other casino games. This also refers to the cards dealt face up in baccarat.

These are our foreign and general gambling language glossary of baccarat terms. Putting them in layman's terms facilitates our understanding of the game.

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