The Various Bets That Players Can Make in Baccarat

It is without argument that baccarat is decidedly one of the most simple and easiest to learn among all the games in the casino. Its objective is very clear and its rules not overly complicated; some would even go to greater lengths and say that the game play of baccarat is so straightforward that one needs not to learn the basics.

With all these notions and conceptions concerning the game, it is not surprising that many newbie players of the game wade into baccarat without any inkling as to what the game is all about. Such players' dalliance with baccarat is very much likely to end in failure, with their time and money devoted to the game going to waste.

This is why familiarizing with the game's basics is vital as learning the fundamentals of the game will be the crucial point that will decide whether one will have a great time with the game or not. As such, here are the main points about one of the game's essential fundamentals: the various bets that one can make in baccarat.

The Banker Bet

Betting on the hand of the banker is arguably the most popular among the three various bets in the game. This is because the house's advantage in the said bet is the lowest among all the various bets that one can make in the game. Aside from that, betting on the banker also has favorable rules for acquiring a third card. The downside of this wager is the high commission rate that the casino will collect from the player in case that the player wins a wager.

The Player Bet

This type of bet is directly opposite to that of the banker bet. Player bets are favorable when one considers that the player acts first in the game and also has even more favorable rules for acquiring third cards than that of the banker. However, bets of this kind have higher house advantages than that of the banker bet.

The Tie Bet

Bets of this type win when the both of the player and the banker's hands end in a tie with each other. The bet may sound tempting and straightforward at first but when one examines the house advantage of this bet, one can see why seasoned veterans of the game branded it as the "sucker's bet". This is because the house's advantage in the tie bet very high when compared to the ultra-low advantage of the casino in the other two bets.

These bets in baccarat are the main options that players can choose from. It is then important that players know and understand each one of them so as to determine which are just bad bets and which ones are good depending on the situation at hand.

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